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      "Well, I'm different from you," said Shorty. "I own up that I'm awfully fond o' a game o' hocuspocus with the rebels, and tryin' to see which kin thimble-rig the other. It's mighty excitin' gamblin' when your own head's the stake, an' beats poker an' faro all holler. But I want the women ruled out o' the game. Never saw a game yit that a woman wouldn't spile if she got her finger in."

      "Very good, sir," said Si, saluting. "Shorty, jump on the wagon there, and gather up the lines."

      "ShoulderArms!" "RightFace!" "Right shoulder shiftArms!" "ForwardMarch!" These commands came in quick succession from the ranks amidst roars of laughter.

      From which to t'other;"It's Jones," said Don lightly. "Just want to take a lady for a little row."

      She was not more than half convinced, but unhooked her dress and took a note from her bosom, which she stuck out toward Si, holding tightly on to one end in the meanwhile. Si read, in Levi Rosenbaum's flourishing, ornate handwriting:

      go to the front."

      "Well, that ain't near so bad," said Shorty crustily. "That at least intended to be tidy."


      "Dan Elliott,"That'll be jest bully!" said Shorty. "If you can raise an auger somewhere we'll git the bulge on that old chap."


      "Where's the fires, Shorty," asked Si, with sinking heart.


      The best thing to do under the circumstances was to obey. The forager, who belonged to Si's company, crept up to Corporal Klegg and in a conciliatory tone opened negotiations.