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      "That was because you were so far away. But there will be nothing to hinder our seeing each other, as often as you may find convenient. I have set my heart upon painting steadily for a twelvemonth, without any distractions."

      But I know all now. Ever since I found out the truth I have been thinkingthinking until I thought I should go mad! All the way here, while you thought I was asleep, I was going over it all, and my eyes were opened, and II understood! It was the money you wanted; and not only you, but the duke, and Lord Selvaine, and Lilias Her voice grew thick.

      Three Star Camp was not exactly the place in which a tender parent or a careful guardian would have chosen to bring up a child, though it was no better and no worse than any other Australian gold camp. The men were rough and rowdy, but there were very few really bad ones among them, and there were a great many whose roughness hid very excellent[13] qualities. In no place on earth do you meet with such a variety of the human species as in a camp such as Three Star.When she grew old enough to ride, Varley Howard broke in a wild pony for her; the best saddle and habit that Melbourne could produce were procured, and in company with Varley or one or two of the diggers she rode about the beautiful country which surrounded the camp.

      "Poor child!" she repeated, as they moved slowly down the steep, narrow path, "and do you really shudder at the thought of death? I don't. I have only a vast curiosity. Do you remember that definition of Sir Thomas Browne's which Martin read to us once'Death is the Lucina of life.' Death only opens the door of the hidden worlds which are waiting for all of us to discover. It is only an appalling name for a new birth. I love to dream about the infinite possibilities of the futurejust as a boy might dream of the time when he should become a man. Look, look, Isa, there's a yacht coming in! Isn't it a lovely sight?"

      Nono! he exclaimed, hoarsely. Not Lilias!




      "Only speculative ideasmere theories that may be without foundation in fact. I fancy that he has burnt the lamp of life a little too furiously, and that the light has grown dim in the socket. The after-taste of a fiery youth is the taste of dust and ashes. There may be memories, toomemories of some past follywhich are bitter enough to poison his life. I know that he is unhappy. I have tried to find out the cause; and it all ends in thisan obstinate reserve on his part, and mere theorizing on mine."


      Whats his other name? she asked.